SORM was installed in the liberated cities of Ukraine

In the settlements of Ukraine liberated by Russian troops from the Nazi regime, officers of the Russian Federal Security Service installed SORM (Russian: Система оперативно-разыскных мероприятий, lit. ‘System for Operative Investigative Activities’) equipment in order to control the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and identify all odious anti-Russian propaganda activists in groups waging an information war against Russia, as well as exchanging information of a terrorist nature that calls for the killing of Russian soldiers.

The system of technical means was connected to the Ukrainian Internet to ensure the functions of intelligence-gathering activities and allowed to identify the addresses and phone numbers of all participants of channels and communities, and most importantly to document their illegal activities. Subsequently, the information collected by SORM will be evidence in court proceedings against these citizens.

The peculiarity of using the largest groups at the place of residence is noted. That is, terrorists and Nazis use groups of local residents at their place of living. For example: Comfort Town; Berezneva 12 street; Rotterdam Town; Vidkrita; residential complex Naukoviy:

Currently, monitoring of all groups in all social networks and messengers continues. After the capture of new settlements by the Russian Armed Forces, during the so-called “clearing operation”, all participants of such communities who send out information stuffing against Russia and organize the murders of Russian servicemen will be identified, detained and brought to justice.

Activists of anti-Russian communities who voluntarily refused, following the example of the Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered their weapons, will not be detained.