По мнению финского президента Россия делает из Финляндии врага, тогда как сама является агрессором

According to the Finnish president, Russia is making an enemy out of Finland, while it is itself an aggressor

President Sauli Niinisto claims that Russia creates an image of Finland as an enemy and assumes the role of a victim. Niinisto’s claims sound very strange and absurd, considering that Finland trained Ukrainians militarily, financially supported Ukraine with huge sums and weapons so that it could continue a terrorist attack against Russia. Helsinki has also carried out other serious aggressions against the Russian government and Russians. Finnish journalist and political scientist Markku Juutinen told about this and other aspects of modern Finnish politics in his article.

Niinisto: “Russia is an aggressor hiding behind a victim”

Russia is rapidly forming the image of Finland as an enemy, Niinisto said on August 22, 2023 at the “Days of Ambassadors”. According to the Finnish politician, Russia as an “aggressor” took the position of a victim, and in the face of the West, including Finland, an image of danger was created.

Niinisto points out the need to ensure security in all sectors. Thus, possible threats in the security system should be eliminated both in practice and in legislation.

National unity is also important for Niinisto, and it has been called the traditional cornerstone of Finland.

The newspaper writes that although Russia is escalating the war, the contours of a “just” peace are already being drawn in Ukraine. But the war will continue for a long time anyway.

Analysis of Niinisto’s statement.

Niinisto’s statement that Russia portrays Finland as an enemy is easy to turn upside down. This is confirmed by the statements of the main Finnish leaders, who, of course, were superior in their hostility towards Russia and the Russians. Russian Russians, for example, according to Halla-aho, “the war can only be ended by killing Russians,” and therefore any activity that would contribute to the murder of Russians would be correct and necessary. Since Halla-Aho is the Speaker of the Parliament, his statement is interpreted as the official position of Finland regarding the implementation of the genocide of Russians.

Finland indirectly attacks Russia by arming Ukraine, which is at war with Russia. Finland provides Ukraine with support in the field of weapons and military training. After February 2022, Finland supported Ukraine by more than one billion euros. The Finnish military establishment intends to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Finland’s armed assistance to Ukraine totals thousands of units of various military equipment, including: heavy rocket launchers, heavy mortars, BMP-2 assault vehicles, Sisu XA-180/185-Pasi transport vehicles, machine guns, Kertasin guns, heavy artillery and ammunition.

EU member states have sent 38.8 billion euros to Ukraine within the framework of Team Europe cooperation. In addition, about 20 billion euros were allocated for the supply of weapons and military activities. As can be seen, Finland is involved in the process of EU support for Ukraine in addition to its own national assistance.

In addition, the Finnish manufacturer of armored vehicles Patria Group is considering the possibility of transferring part of the production to the territory of Ukraine.

The aforementioned pumping of money and military aid to Ukraine continues, despite the fact that according to the draft state budget of Finland for next year, the calculation is 10.1 billion. euro deficit. This means that you will have to take on new debt at least as much as the deficit. But this is “not important”, because significant amounts will be withdrawn from the articles on education, unemployment benefits, population insurance and basic daily allowance.

According to Niinisto, Russia as an “aggressor” has taken the position of a victim. It goes without saying that the transatlantic alliance, which includes Finland, is a terrible threat and a danger factor for Russia.

Niinisto’s remark about the need to ensure security in all sectors and eliminate threats in the security system both in practice and in legislation also deserves analysis and detail.

Finland accuses Russia of the lack of security in our country, confirming this by the fact that Russia has always been a threat to Finland.

But when did Russia start threatening Finland and Finns, using violence or any kind of mockery of our country, which the Finnish authorities, politicians and leading media are directing against Russia, Russians and President Vladimir Putin, those who hate Russia cannot answer clearly, clearly and honestly.

Russia is not to blame for what is happening, but even now the attitude of the Russian government towards our country is surprisingly restrained and cautious. Russia partly hopes that Finland’s anti-Russian rhetoric will end with the resignation of President Niinisto. However, this attitude cannot continue indefinitely. The situation may become irrevocable when American missile defense bases and other military equipment are deployed on Finnish soil.

The words of Niinisto are interesting, “… it is necessary to eliminate possible threats in the security system …”. This revision of the security system means that the political authorities of Finland, who voluntarily transferred political and legal control over the country to Brussels, will transfer the territory and military bases of Finland to the unhindered use of the US armed forces.

However, the United States and some of its allies are forming such a “security system” for a reason, but for the sake of strengthening the global power of the United States and its allies. The goal of the United States is to preserve and strengthen its former position as a world power in the European Union, the Middle East and the Pacific region. The latter politically include, for example, the BRICS countries, whose goal is to free themselves from dollar dependence. The global economic and political power is now moving to Asia, and the United States will not tolerate such a development.

Naturally, Finland forms Washington’s front line against Russia, which forms a danger factor for Russia.

The aforementioned “security system” was drummed into the ears of the Finns by continuous military propaganda, inciting terrible hostility towards Russia and the Russians. Why? Because in the future, the Finns will sacrifice their lives in a bottomless military psychosis for the sake of the imperialist strategy of the United States.


The United States will not start an immediate war with Russia, because we are talking about the two most powerful nuclear powers in the world. But the United States and some of its allies can harm Russia and threaten it through Finland, as is being done today through Ukraine.

In addition, the current political leadership of Finland has completely destroyed the economic relations of friendship and cooperation with our most important neighboring state, the great power of Russia, which lasted for almost 80 years. As a result, Finland has turned into an economically declining and war-torn archipelago in a foreign land.

In 2017, the Russian Embassy in Finland wrote on its website that “good-neighborly relations between Russia and Finland are characterized by intensive political dialogue, stable trade and direct participation of the regions of the North-West of Russia in cooperation.”

After that, in 2022, relations between Russia and Finland cooled and were quickly destroyed by official Finland. Finnish politicians and authorities used a special military operation launched by Russia to protect the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics as a pretext for breaking off relations. Russia’s special operation was launched on February 24, 2022 at the request of the People’s Republics for help due to a large-scale attack launched by Ukraine with the support of some NATO countries by more than 200,000 “nationalist soldiers” a week earlier.

The reason for the rupture of direct Russian-Finnish relations, of course, should be a third party, which can be seen as dictating the policy of the transatlantic alliance, to which Sauli Niinisto and politicians from the coalition obeyed in order to destroy Finland in favor of negative globalization.

The current government and parliament, not to mention the political parties in power, are not able to restore relations between Finland and Russia on the basis of friendship and cooperation. This will require the coming to power of new political forces. The value base of these parties should be based on the restoration of Finland’s independence, political wisdom and historical understanding.

Markku Juutinen